Free Computers!
This is a real offer – designed to get computers in the hands of families with children. While these computers are not the latest and greatest – they will supply children a good basic working machine that will aid in homework and open their horizons and give the entire family an opening into the digital age.
The only restriction is that these computers must go to families with at least one child under the age of 18 years and living at home, have no other way to obtain a computer and Live in Anchorage or one of its nearby communities.  You must come to Anchorage to pick up the computer. At this time we have no means to deliver computers.

Computers for Families  with Children
Computers for All, Inc., AKLUG, and Highland Tech High School here in Anchorage have been collecting computers to refurbish and pass on to Families with children that are in need of a computer and do not have the ability to obtain a computer by other means.

What we supply is a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and Internet connection hardware. We also supply printers and speakers and other similar items when available. These computers are often older corporate computers that have been refurbished for use by individuals and school aged children. They will come with all the software needed to make them usable.

If you are in need of a computer and have at least one child living with you and live in Anchorage, Alaska or near by – you may apply for one of these free computers. By Calling Roger Pickles at 258-5205 for more information or email us at enter  "Computer  request" in the subject for the  email.  Be sure to include contact information in the body of the email.
Computers for the Disabled We can supply the same computers that we supply to Families to any one with a proven disability. The systems come with excellent software based aids for the disabled.
At the present time we cannot provide any hardware aids.

Computers for Non-profits
Any Alaskan Non-profit may apply for free computers and low cost system set-up and administration help. To start the process simply email us at and enter “Non-profit request” in the subject line. Include a short description of your agency and the help needed in the main body of the email. Within a couple of days someone will contact you. 
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Computers for All, Inc. is
 100% Volunteer driven
Computers for All, Inc.
408 Stewart St.
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