Services  for  Non-Profits

We can supply computers free of charge to any non-profit organizations operating in Alaska. These organizations include all 501(c)(3), churches, public schools, private schools not operating for profit, clubs and most organizations incorporated in the State of Alaska as a non-profit.

It should be noted that at this time we work only in Anchorage, However, this does not stop non-profits from coming to Anchorage to take delevery.

Non-profits may request aid in setting up a web site or a LAN or WAN network or upgrades and maintenance.

Please note: While all donated equipment is passed on without charge from CFA. Some equipment, software and labor comes from for profit firms or individuals that are selling their services. Therefore, for these items and services are not free. This will often come at rates well below market values. Being a non-profit and working with non-profits we often know where the best prices exist for non-profits.

 We have the following rates - normal commercial rates for the work listed below is $85.00 per hour. Linux rates are lower for the simple reason that we find more low cost and free aid for Linux – most of the same services for Windows we can only find at full retail cost. Rates are subject to change without notice though will inform your agency of any changes before work begins. 

These rates are agreed to by the professionals the will do the work and you will normally be paying them directly at this reduced rate.  

 Linux Support
  $24.00 per Hour
 Windows Support
  $40.00 per Hour
 Website Set Up and build (with templet)
 5 pages and basic information with email addresses
 Includes 2years paid service and domain name.
  $250.00 each URL

The Website only listed above but no set up help.
 $119.00 each URL
 Website updates and maintenance   $24.00 per Hour